MSNBC Manson Documentary Will You Kill For Me?

Will You Kill For Me? MSNBC Documentary (2008)

The above documentary by MSNBC offers a never-before-seen examination of Charles Manson and the homicidal, cult-like family that he built around him in an effort to turn impressionable young people into his unquestioning followers, thus immunizing himself from criminal prosecution. In the late sixties, Charles Manson was released from prison, where he had lived for over half of the thirty-two years he’d been alive. Freshly freed, he began amassing followers, mostly women, by preaching his unique philosophy and religious beliefs. What began as a seemingly innocent sub-group in the large hippie movement soon became something worse. Manson became convinced of a coming apocalypse and began training his disciples to use weapons. A few years later, Manson and several of his followers received life sentences for a string of horrifying and brutal murders in the Los Angeles area. Will You Kill For Me? is an illuminating documentary that uses interviews with former members of the family, both free and in prison, as well as interviews with prosecutors from the trial, to reveal why so many people were attracted to this mentally unstable maniac. Legal Disclosures, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy By using this site you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree, please immediately exit the service.