Larry Bailey

Larry Bailey (aka Little Larry, Larry Jones, Larry Giddings)

Larry Bailey

Larry Charles Bailey was born on October 6, 1952 in Rosstal, Germany. He is known as a Manson associate primarily from three recorded incidents detailed here.

Larry Charles Bailey was born on October 6, 1952 in Rosstal, Germany. He spent the majority of his childhood in Germany until he moved to the United States where he wound up living in Maryland as a teen and eventually dropped out of high school.

Larry Bailey is known as a Manson associate primarily from three recorded incidents; one of which was the spying on Windy Buckley’s home, another was the murder of Donald Shea, and yet another was a shootout with Hawthorne California police in August of 1971.

First, on August 21, 1971, Larry, accompanied by Mary Brunner, Dennis Rice, Charles Lovett, and Catherine Share with her husband Kenneth Como, drove a white van to a Hawthorne, California Western Surplus Store. Once inside the store, they brandished guns and ordered the store patrons and clerks to lie on the ground. They then went about taking near 150 rifles from the premises, loading them into their van, while a store clerk managed to trip the silent alarm. When Hawthorne Police responded a shootout began and all suspects were detained. The group had intended to hijack a 747 jet, in which, they would kill one passenger every hour until Manson and his co-conspirators were released from prison.

Next, on August 28, 1969, Charles “Tex” Watson, Bruce Davis, Steve Grogan, Bill Vance, Larry Bailey, and Charles Manson took Donald “Shorty” Shea for a ride where they all subsequently beat, stabbed and killed him. The incident has been thought to be the cause of two potential reasons, or both, 1) Shea’s retaliation against an attack on Windy Bucklee who worked off and on at Spahn ranch. In a dispute over her truck keys, which family members periodically borrowed, Manson broke her jaw and beat her repeatedly. When Shea found out he immediately went and found Manson and returned the brutality with his own beating. 2) Manson believed Shea was a snitch and caused the Ranch to be raided by police.  Either way, Larry was there for the Shea murder.

Finally, Manson attempted to use Larry Bailey as a spy in Windy Bucklee’s home where Juan Flynn and Johnny Schwartz were hiding out during the Tate Labianca trial; all three of them were witnesses for the prosecution and were expected to testify against Manson and his clan. It was believed that the Manson family members would meet Charlie downtown to go over the prosecutions witness lists, and attempt to assassinate anyone expected to testify against them. It is also believed that Larry Bailey was planted in the home of Windy, acting as he too was in fear of the family, but in reality, was serving as a spy. When this was somehow discovered, Juan, Johnny and Windy took Larry to a spot near Spahn Ranch., stripped him naked and tied him to a tree.  It is not known how long he was there.

After Larry served his time for the Hawthorne shootout, he moved to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where he began using the alias Larry Giddings and became active in anti-authoritarian organizations in support of political imprisonment.

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