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Frequently Asked Questions About the Manson Family

Frequently Asked Questions About Manson (above) and his Family.

What Songs Were Written by Charles Manson?
Charles Manson was recorded by a professional record company called Awareness Records; however, due to the notoriety of the murders, it sold just 300 copies. More here.

Where was Charles Manson born?
Charles Manson was born on November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati Ohio. He was first named “no name Maddox” however within weeks, he was renamed Charles Milles Maddox. He eventually took the Manson name from someone his mother Kathleen Maddox later dated. More here.

Was Charles Manson a Real Singer?
Charles Manson was not only an infamous murderer who spent the majority of his life in prison, but he was also a fairly talented musician who was professionally recorded by record producer Phil Kaufman. More here.

What Was Helter Skelter All About?
Helter Skelter is a bizarre motive for the murders and something that the family talked about a lot. There is testimony from various family members that confirmed Manson talked about it constantly. More here.

What is the true meaning of the song Helter Skelter?
In United Kingdom, where the Beatles were from, a helter skelter is a roller coaster with a spiral slide winding around a tower. The song was referring to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, thus the rise to the top and the coming down fast. More here.

What is Charles Manson’s net worth?
Charles Manson’s net worth has been said to be over $400,000 at the time of his death. Several people are fighting over his estate which includes personality rights and intellectual property which could generate royalties.

Was Charles Manson married?
Charles Manson was married twice, first was Rosalie Jean Willis from 1955 to 1958. After divorcing Willis, Charles Manson married prostitute Candy Stevens from 1959 1963. In 2014 Manson was engaged to a 27-year-old girl names Afton Elaine Burton, known as Star, but the relationship was part of a scheme to profit by putting his body on public display after his death.

Did Charles Manson have any children?
Charles Manson had three biological male children during his lifetime, Valentine Michael Manson (Parents: Charles Manson, Mary Brunner), Charles Luther Manson (Parents: Charles Manson and Candy Stevens) and Charles Manson, Jr. (Parents: Charles Manson, Rosalie Jean Willis).

Who did the Manson family kill? 
The Manson Family victims were:  Abigail Folger, Donald Shea, Gary Hinman, Jay Sebring, Lino Labianca, Rosemary Labianca, Sharon Tate, Steven Parent and Wojciech Frykowski. There are other victims believed to be killed by the Manson family although none are proven. More here.

Where did Charles Manson and the family live? 
The family stayed at the Spahn Movie Ranch in Los Angeles County, California, and Barker Ranch, which is located in the Panamint Range between Death Valley and the Panamint Valley in the northern Mojave Desert. For a short period of time they also lived with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson. More here.

Who were all the members of the Manson family?
Listed with last name first: Manson, Charles; Beausoleil, Robert; Decarlo, Daniel; Grogan, Steven; Good, Sandra; Van Houten, Leslie; Cooper, Sherianne; Scott, Susan; Bailey, Ella Jo; Brunner, Mary; Phillips, Phil; True, Harold; Watson, Charles; Flynn, Juan; Bailey, Larry; Lipsett, David, Sinclair, Colleen; Schram, Stephanie; Pitman, Nancy; Lake, Dianne; Davis, Bruce; Fromme, Lynette; Shepard, Laura; Moorehouse, Ruth Ann; Cottage, Madeline; Smith, Claudia; Vansicle, William; Watkins, Paul; Gordon, Jack; Loveless, Carol; Springer, Albert; Bell, Kenneth; Atkins, Susan; Hall, Bruce; Beard, Charles Allen; Krenwinkel, Patricia; Lukashevsky, Bryan; Share, Catherine; Hannum, David; Craven, Larry; Damion, Mark Bloodworth; Bartell, Susan; Scwartz, Johnny; Plumlee, Vern; Palazzo, Stephen; Lutesinger, Kathryn; Walleman, Thomas; Delisle, Allen; Gillies, Catherine; Griffin, Charlee; Alonzo, Maria; Rosenberg, Barbara; Kasabian, Linda; Von Ahn, Diane; Hoyt, Barbara; Gordon, Ruth; Petrizzo, Raymond; Murray, Robert; Galella, Thomas; Reinhard, Robert. More here.

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