Barbara Rosenberg

Barbara Rosenberg (aka Rainbow, Bo, Barbara Jean)

Barbara Rosenberg

Most of what is known about Barbara is written about in Paul’s Watkins book, My Life with Charles Manson.

Barbara Rosenberg’s birthplace and date of birth as well as her hometown city is all unknown, however she was considered to be one of the “hippies” living at Spahn Ranch. She has been described as short and slender and happened to be staying at the ranch before Charles Manson had even arrived there.

Barbara eventually joined the group and participated in the many orgies and LSD trips that have been described over the years but was said to be one of the girls Manson had trouble keeping under control to at least some extent as she would often defy Charlies requests or demands with a response such as “No Charlie, I’m Not Doing That”.

Barbara later married another family member named Thomas Walleman or “TJ” as he was known to the group; they had two children Yana Mani and Domani. The two eventually divorced and TJ remarried a woman named Lori Mardesich (aka Ansom) whom he met through Charlie as Lori was an avid writer to him while in prison, how exactly they were introduced is unknown. TJ died in a head-on collision with a Mac truck on June 7, 1995 when he was 54 years old.

Although Vincent Bugliosi’s best-seller “Helter Skelter” lists Barbara Rosenberg as an alias for Barbara Hoyt, they are in-fact two separate people. (Bo Rosenberg is listed in the index of Helter Skelter with a note “see Barbara Hoyt”).

Most of what is known about Barbara is written about in Paul’s Watkins book, “My Life with Charles Manson”. There Watkins describes Rosenberg as “one of the all-time greatest party chicks – always willing to chip in at an orgy if we were a girl or two short”. He also notes that she spent time at both Spahn and Barker Ranch.

Where Barbara is now and whether or not she is even still alive is unknown.

If you have additional information on Barbara Rosenberg, please let us know about it.

We are specifically interested in receiving some background information on her childhood, time and experiences with the Family and her life afterwards.

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