Spahn Ranch Search Warrant

In the Municipal Court of Los Angeles Judicial Court; County of Los Angeles, State of California

In the early morning hours of Saturday, August 16, 1969, while most suspects were still asleep, Spahn Ranch was raided by The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department when more than 100 deputies swarmed over the 500-acre ranch shortly after 6:00 AM.


Personally appeared before me this 13th day of August, 1969, the affiant, William C. Gleason, a peace officer, who, on oath, makes complaint, and deposes and says that he has and there is probable and reasonable cause to believe, and that he does believe, that there is now on the premises located at and also described as 12000 Santa Susana Road, Chatsworth, commonly known as Spahn Movie Ranch, consisting of approximately 200 acres of open ranch land, including all buildings, storage rooms, vehicles, garages and outbuildings of any kind located thereon.

And on the person(s) of Charles Milles Manson, aka Charles Milles Summers, 5-7 in height, weighing 140 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, DOB 11-11-34, with a tattoo of a woman’s head on each arm, and a one-inch scar over his left eye.

the following personal property, to wit: stolen automobile parts, including but not limited to VW frames, engines, transmissions, and carts thereof, and rifles, automatic pistols and rifles.

Your affiant says that there is probable and reasonable cause to believe and that he does believe that the said property constitutes: (CHECK THE APPROPRIATE BOX, OR BOXES)

  • (X) – stolen or embezzled property;
  • (X) – property or things used as the means of committing a felony;
  • ( ) – property or things in the possession of a person with the intent to use it as a means of committing a public offense, or in the possession of another to whom he may have delivered it for the purpose of concealing it or preventing its being discovered;
  • (X) – property or things which consist of an item or constitutes evidence which tends to show that a felony has been committed, or tends to show that a particular person has committed a felony.

Your affiant has been a Deputy Sheriff for the past 10 1/2 years, employed in such capacity by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, and has acted and received the information set forth in this affidavit in that capacity. Your affiant is now and has been for the past 15 months, assigned to the Technical Services Division thereof.

On the date of August 9, 1969, your affiant and Sergeant Douglas at Sheriff’s Station, contacted Officer Ted Leigh, #4907, Los Angeles Police Department, Devonshire Division, Juvenile Bureau. Leigh stated that he flew over the Spahn Movie Ranch approximately August 1, 1969, and at that time he observed a 1969 Volkswagen laying in a ditch south-west of the main ranch complex. Since that date, Leigh has determined the Volkswagen to be a stolen vehicle. It is a Volkswagen that was taken from the Dick Joyce Volkswagen Agency in Van Nuys, reported stolen July 15, 1969, under file #DR69-052-838. The vehicle was unregistered at the time, but bore identification #119-766-041. Leigh stated that the vehicle was further identified by officers Slausen and Despain, Los Angeles Police Department, Devonshire Division – Patrol, who walked into location, checked vehicle, but did not impound it. Devonshire Division Detective Noeller is handling that investigation.

Officer Leigh also stated he was at the Spahn Ranch on approximately July 21, 1969, with Homicide Bureau Sergeants Sholund and De La Fuentes who were conducting the murder investigation of Mark Volts, male Caucasion, 16, whose body was found in Malibu Station area recently. Officer Leigh observed a new gasoline tank for a Volkswagen in the corral at this location. He also observed a gray Volkswagen microbus on the property. This bus is equipped with a two-way radio.

Officer Leigh has received three loaded “Panama” clips for a .30 caliber carbine which were found on or about July 29, 1969, by Devonshire Division Patrol officers. The clips apparently fell from a dune buggy while on the highway. Officer Leigh has been contacted by the person known as Charles Manson, mentioned in prior memos. Manson told Leigh that the clips belonged to him, but a yet has not picked up the clips from Officer Leigh.

Sergeant Douglas and your affiant also contacted Officer Williams, #13814, LAPD, Devonshire Division. Officer Williams stated that within the last two weeks he and his partner were on duty at the Spahn Ranch in a marked police vehicle. The officers were talking with Charles Manson, and Mr. Manson was bragging to the officers about the weapons available to him and his friends at the ranch. Mr. Manson told the officers that while he was talking to the officers that his friends had rifles trained on the officers; also, Manson indicated that this is standard procedure whenever officers approach the ranch.

On August 10, 1969, your affiant proceeded to Devonshire Division Detective Bureau and checked a recent arrest package of the above – mentioned Charles Manson. He was booked June 4, 1969, on a rape charge. This arrest was the outgrowth of a rape that occurred at the Spahn Ranch, and it is being handled by Malibu Station. Manson was booked and Devonshire Division Case #DR-69-469-997 assigned. During the interview by the investigators, Manson told the officers he was on Federal Parole for Grand Theft Auto, and he stated he has served time in Terminal Island and MacNeil Inland Federal Prisons.

On August 10, 1969, your affiant contacted the owners of the above-mentioned Dune Buggy Shop at 10202 Topanga Canyon, Chatsworth. The business is named “Butler’s Buggy Shop,” phone #882-2012. It is owned by Phil and Dale Butler. Phil Butler is a Los Angeles Police Officer assigned to Valley Services Division, Jail (??) shift.

Dale Butler is the manager of location and knows Charles Manson. Dale Butler said he has always conducted business with Charles Manson on a cash basis. Charles Manson recently purchased two dune buggies from location, paying for both in the amount of $2,300.00 in $100 bills. Dale Butler said Manson normally carries large sums of money. Manson recently purchased a dune buggy without an engine from Dale Butler.

Dale Butler stated that he recently purchased a 1966 Volkswagen from a friend of Charles Manson identified as Patricia Joan Baldwin, 21019 Gresham Street, Canoga Park. After the purchase, the engine was removed from the vehicle and placed in one of the dune buggies owned by Manson. The engine placed in the dune buggy bore #F0392021. On April 9, 1969, Dale Butler learned that the rest of the above-mentioned 1966 Volkswagen purchased from Joan Baldwin was stolen from Butler’s rear storage yard. This was reported to Devonshire Division under file #DR-69-027-583. Since that theft, Dale Butler received information from Los Angeles County Fireman Witt, Engine Company #75, that Fireman Witt observed the Volkswagen and other parts stolen from the Butlers in the Devil’s Canyon area, which is located in the hills about 3 miles north of the Spahn Ranch. At the time Fireman Witt saw the parts, he was threatened by several of the male subjects who were in the Devil’s Canyon area. The threats to the Fireman have been mentioned in prior memos.

The floor pan serial number of the above-mentioned stolen Volkswagen is #16406135, according to the ownership papers held by Dale Butler on the above vehicle. Dale Butler feels he can identify other parts stolen from his shop in the event any parts are recovered from the Spahn Ranch area.

Officer Butler has also received information that a person known only as “B.C.” is working on the various dune buggies at the Spahn Ranch. “B.C.” reportedly works at a Volkswagen Agency in Simi, and he is paid large sums of money by Charles Manson to work on the dune buggies. “B.C.” reportedly is the person who installed the 1969 Volkswagen engine and transmission out of the stolen Volkswagen into the dune buggy owned by Manson.

On August 9, 1969, your affiant received information from Los Angeles City Fire Department Captain Hamilton Freeman, Engine Co. #75, who stated that on July 24, 1969, approximately 6:30 – 7:00 p.m., he observed a flat bed truck about a 1 1/2 ton at the Spahn Ranch with several (2 or 3) VW engines in the back covered with sleeping bags. This observation was made while Captain Freeman was on routine fire patrol.

On August 9, 1969, your affiant received information from Mel Walker, L.A. County Fire Department, Engine #75, that on approximately July 30, 1969, Walker was on patrol in the early evening and stopped by the Spahn Ranch and was talking to a “Jack” in front of one of the buildings and was able to see inside where he observed several rifles (30 06 – a heavy caliber rifles). When seeing into the ranch, Walker observed two guys and two gals shooting in a car behind the ranch and when “Jack” was asked if he knew about the shooting going on, Jack said, “Oh, yes, they are some of our people.” Walker told him he thought perhaps they were shooting at the ranch and on the people there, and Jack then said, “We have a guard at each road in with a rifle and a telephone so if anyone comes in we’ll know they’re coming.”

On the same day or before, Walker saw a VW bus white and red, parked up the canyon from the ranch somewhat hidden in the bushes, a grubby, raunchy looking hippie type vehicle (possibly a hot car.)

On August 1, 1969, your affiant received information from Deputy Samuel J. Olmstead, #2504, LASO, that at approximately 1:10 a.m. on July 28, 1969, he had received a call from LAPD Dispatcher reporting one of their units requests a Sheriff’s unit on Topanga Canyon just north of Chatsworth Street regarding possible stolen vehicles. At approximately 2:30 a.m., Car 102 requested assistance from 100-5, 101, and CID units in the area. Unit arrived at location at approximately 3:15 a.m. and Deputy E.A. Loobey, #2585, advised that LAPD had run two vehicles at the Spahn Ranch, and both had come back as stolen.

At the location was a possible member of the “Satan Slaves” the name of Summers, who was acting as a look-out for the group of “Slaves” staying at Spahn Ranch. Summers advised Deputy Samuel J. Olmstead, #2504, that his group anticipated an attack by the “Black Panthers” and several of the people at the ranch are armed. Summers was allowed to accompany Olmstead to the location in order to help him round up the others in order to determine who the stolen vehicles belonged to. Unknown to Olmstead, there was a field telephone system at the location, and, as soon as the officers arrived, the alarm was sounded and the only persons found were those who were asleep and didn’t wake up with the alarm.

A walk-thru check of the main buildings of the ranch disclosed 11 persons, as follows: Charles Summers, M/35; John Harold Swartz, M/27; Larry Eugene Craven, M/29; Jason Lee Daniels, M/22; Robert John Nelson, M/27; Lynn Alice Fromme, F/20; Ruth Ann Ecouvmaclburst, F/17; Jacquline Lee Knoll, F/26; George Harry Knoll, M/28; Arnold Edward Vitmak, M/20; and Jack Paul MacMillan, M/26. Of the above, suspect John H. Swartz was arrested for 4453 CVC, re: stolen plates on his vehicle at Spahn Ranch.

While checking the buildings, Olmstead and other officers came across one fully loaded .30 caliber carbine, one loaded 303 British in-field, and a .22 caliber rifle.

Olmstead asked one of the subjects where the rest of the group was, and he pointed in an easterly direction and stated, “over behind them rocks.” Olmstead said, “Let’s go wake them up,” and he stated the only way to reach them is by dune buggy.

Olmstead and other officers checked a small residence northwest of the main buildings, on a dirt road approximately 3/4 mile away from the ranch house. The house was empty of furniture, but there was evidence that someone had been there just prior to Olmstead’s arrival. On the floor was approximately 8 bed rolls. Around the door, stuck in the wall, were about 6 or 8 bayonets, and on the floor near the door was a box (200 rounds) of .32 caliber bullets. Also in this house was a military-type crank field phone, the same as those observed in the main building and house trailer just north of the main building.

After talking to the persons at the location, Olmstead was of the opinion that there is a fairly large number of people scattered throughout the ranch area and on surrounding ranches in old buildings.

On August 1, 1969, your affiant received information from a property owner named Harry H. Esnlin, (Crest Haven Ranch, Fern Ann Falls), who related that at about 6 p.m. on August 1, 1969, he saw two cyclist-type individuals walking east along the highway from the Spahn Ranch. Both individuals were carrying rifles and appeared to be looking for something off of the south shoulder. He stated that the weapon carried either had external ammunition clips or handles (grips) to the front. No better description of suspects could be given. He claims to have heard automatic weapons fire during the evening hours, coming from the hills behind his ranch, (the area of Devil’s Canyon and Ibarra??? canyon. He feels that the weapon being fired was larger than a rifle, due to the loudness of the reports.

Your affiant has also learned that the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters Auto Theft is also conducting an investigation at the ranch. Approximately July 15, 1969, Officer Dreckonridge, while conducting an investigation at the ranch, flew over the area in a helicopter. He observed at least three Volkswagen floor ??? which were in the area south of the main ranch buildings near the above-mentioned house trailer.

On the date of August 10, 1969, at approximately 12:15 p.m., your affiant William Gleason, received information from informant No. 1, an informant from whom your affiant has never received information in the past.

Your affiant desires to keep the identity of the said informant secret and confidential because your affiant believes that the disclosure of the said informant’s identity would endanger the informant’s safety and well-being, to wit: Informants have been killed or seriously injured in the past when they have provided police officers with information pertaining to unlawful activity.

Your affiant desires to keep the identity of the said informant secret and confidential because your affiant believes that the disclosure of the said informant’s identity would destroy and tend to impair the said informant’s future usefulness and effectiveness to law enforcement officers engaged in investigating and uncovering illegal criminal activity.

Your affiant states that the said confidential reliable informant did speak with personal knowledge when imparting the informant hereinafter set forth, unless and except where specifically stated to be otherwise.

(The said informant stated that he, the said informant, did speak with personal knowledge, unless and except where specifically stated to be otherwise.)

(The context and details related by the informant revealed that he, the said informant, did obtain the information through the informant’s personal knowledge, unless and except where specifically stated to be otherwise.)

Your affiant was informed by the said confidential reliable informant on the aforementioned date that the informant had spent at least 10 full days at the Spahn Movie Ranch since July 1, 1969. The informant has seen several rifles and handguns on the property. The informant further stated that most of the male adults at the ranch carry some type of weapon whenever they go on the property and that they also have guns near them when they sleep. The informant has seen guns in practically every building on the property. The informant was also threatened by Charles Manson while the informant was staying at the Spahn Movie Ranch. The informant further stated that Charles Manson appears to be the leader of the group of 20-25 persons staying at the Spahn Movie Ranch.

The facts which are related in this affidavit have caused your affiant to have the opinion that there are stolen automobile parts on the Spahn Movie Ranch and that Charles Milles Manson is in violation of Penal Code #12021 by being in possession of various firearms on the Spahn Ranch property.

Your affiant declares that he checked the California Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (CII)records, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) records, and the official records of official police agencies and the following additional sources of information and ascertained the existence of (a) criminal record(s) for the following person(s), as hereinafter set forth:

Charles Milles Manson was convicted on a Dyer Act violation in November 1955, and in March 1956, his probation was revoked and he was sent to the Federal Correction Institution at San Pedro, California. On June 10, 1957, Charles Milles Manson was given a 5-year suspended sentence for an escape from a federal institution. On December 14, 1959, Charles Manson was arrested for GTA. On June 23, 1961, he was sentenced to United States Penitentiary at McNeil Island on a federal forgery conviction and is presently on parole until December 24, 1969.

Your affiant states that his experience in investigation of general criminal activity has shown that Possession of firearms and stolen property continues day and night; it is therefore important that the aforementioned personal property be seized as soon as possible, otherwise your affiant fears that it will become non-existent through destruction or concealment; hence, for this reason and because of the other information received from said informants and fellow officers, and from the personal observations set forth elsewhere in this affidavit, your affiant requests that this warrant contain a direction that it may be served at any time of the day or night, good cause appearing thereafter.

Other reasons for nighttime service not previously set forth in this affidavit are as follows:

The male individuals at the Spahn Ranch are known to be armed and threats have been made by occupants of the ranch to various law enforcement officers. Also, an intricate alarm system exists at the ranch that might frustrate the execution of the search warrant. Nighttime service would reduce the danger of injury to the officers executing the warrant.

Your affiant commenced the actual physical mechanics of preparing this affidavit and attached search warrant at 2:00 p.m. of August 12, 1969; and your affidavit affixed his signature under oath to this affidavit before the undersigned magistrate at the time and date attested by said magistrate; the elapsed time reflected herein has been diligently utilized by your affiant in the mechanics of physically preparing these documents, locating and consulting with Deputy District Attorney Robert Schirn of this County, in reference to the aforementioned preparation; locating the appropriate magistrate; and transporting these documents to the magistrate for his official action in connection therewith.

Your affiant has reasonable cause to believe that grounds for the issuance of a search warrant exist, as set forth in Section 1524 of the Penal Code, based upon the aforementioned information, facts and circumstances.

Your affiant prays that a search warrant be issued, based upon the above facts, for the seizure of said property, or any part thereof, at any time of the day or night, good cause being shown therefore, and that the same be brought before this magistrate or retained subject to the order of this court, or of any other court in which the offence in respect to which the property or things taken is triable, pursuant to Section 1536 of the Penal Code.




Subscribed and sworn to before me, on this 11thday of August, 1969.


Judge of the Municipal Court

WHEREFORE, it is prayed that a Search Warrant issue.


District Attorney





  • Crime:Grand Theft Auto, 487.3 PC
  • Suspect:MANSON, Charles Milles
  • Victim:Dick Joyce Volkswagen Agency
  • RE:6:00 a.m Detail

After reviewing the facts, Mr. Schirn issued Search Warrant #2039, on 8-13-69. The search warrant was then signed by Judge John Merrick, Malibu Justice Court. At the above date and time, Sgt. Gleason and various units of the Sheriff’s Department, under the command of Inspector John Graham, Patrol Division West, proceeded to the location pursuant to the search warrant. Upon command, the writer and several deputies went to the front doors of the main building, knocked on the doors, and announced the presence of Deputy Sheriff’s being at location to serve a search warrant. After this announcement, several persons were heard and observed moving around the interior of the main building. These persons made no attempt to honor the announcement, therefore entry was effected.

Inside the main building, several of the above suspects were detained for investigation, and a large number of dangerous weapons were seized. During the time the suspects were being detained at the main building, the deputies containing the other buildings were apprehending other suspects where these people were being detained, pending a search of those locations. After the 1969 Volkswagen, Motor #119766041, registered to Dick Joyce Volkswagen Agency, was found. All the above suspects were arrested for 487.3 PC and advised of their rights per SH-AD 477.

The original search warrant was read and displayed to Mr. George Spahn, owner of location, by Sgt. Douglas. Mr. Spahn was present on the premises at the time of service, and a copy of the search warrant was given to him at that time. During the course of the arrests, Suspect #1, Manson, was also charged with burglary, and Suspect #2, Smith, was charged with assault with deadly weapon, 245 PC, when he reached for a loaded .45 caliber automatic handgun during his arrest. All above suspects and subjects were transported to Malibu Station for booking. All the above vehicles were found at location, scattered in and around the ranch property. These vehicles were impounded, with one storage, at Howard Summers Towing, Canoga Park. Further reports to follow.





  1. SNDG 4:40 P.M.




DATE: 8-16-69.

  1. Crime: Grand Theft Auto, 487.3 PC; Assault with Deadly Weapon, 242 PC; and Burglary, 459 PC.
  2. Victim: Dick Joyce Volkswagen Agency, 15430 Roscoe Blvd., Sepulveda
  3. Investigator: Sgt. Bill Gleason, Headquarters, Detective Bureau; MA 6-9511, Ext.#82669
  4. Location: Spahn Movie Ranch, 12000 Santa Susana Pass Road, Chatsworth.
  5. Time: 6:00 a.m., 8-16-69.

S#1. MANSON, Charles, Milles – Spahn Ranch; male Caucasion, 34 years, DOB 11/11/34, 5-7, 140 lbs., brn hair, brn eyes, woman’s head tattoos on both forearms.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC and 459 PC. BOOKING #892 427

S#2. SMITH, Richard Allen – 8350 Colecio Dr., Los Angeles; male Caucasion, 27 years, DOB 6/20/42, 5-4, 130 lbs., blk hair, brn eyes, sailor head tattoo and “US-CG.”

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC and 245 PC. BOOKING #892 426

S#3. SWARTZ, John Harold Jr. – Spahn Ranch; male Caucasion, 26 years, DOB 9/29/43, 5-8, 135 lbs., blond hair, blue eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 252

S#4. PUGH, Sandra Collins – 27 Carl St., San Francisco; female Caucasion, DOB 2/20/44, aka Sandy Good, 5-2, 102 lbs., brn hair, blue eyes, throat scar.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 260

S#5. OWENS, Leslie Sue – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 19 years, DOB 8/23/49, aka Lou, 5-6, 110 lbs., dark brn hair, brn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 274

S#6. PITMAN, Nancy Laura – 21019 Gresham St., Canoga Park, no phone; female Caucasion, 18 years, DOB 1/1/51, 5-3, 102 lbs., light brn hair, blue eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 268

S#7. CRAVEN, Larry Eugene – Spahn Ranch; male Caucasion, 29 years, DOB 3/20/40, 5-3, 119 lbs., brn hair, blue eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 269

S#8. WHYER, Barbara – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 19 years, 3/23/50, 5-5, 120 lbs., dark brn hair, brn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 262

S#9. MATTHEWS, Carol – Unknown; female Caucasion, 18 years, DOB 11/13/50, 5-4, 115 lbs., brn hair, grn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 261

S#10. SCOTT, Mary Ann – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 21 years, DOB 12/7/47, 5-6, 12o lbs., brn hair, blue eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 263

S#11. SMITH, Ruth Ann – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 18 years, DOB 1/6/51, 5-1, 100 lbs., dark brn hair, brn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 270

S#12. MCCOY, Shirley Amanda – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 23 years, DOB 5/27/46, aka “Little Patty”, 5-2, 110 lbs., dark brn hair, grn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 273

S#13. FROMME, Lynn Alice – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 20 years, DOB 10/22/48, 5-4, 115 lbs., red hair, brn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 266

S#14. FLYNN, John Leo – Spahn Ranch; male Caucasion, 25 years, DOB 11/9/45, 6-3, 185 lbs., brn hair, blue eyes, burn scar on right calf.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 253

S#15. RINEHARD, Robert Milton – 7723 Emerson Ave., Los Angeles, No phone; male Caucasion, 29 years, DOB 12/4/39, aka “Bob”, 5-10, 160 lbs., brn hair, blue eyes, balding.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 256

S#16. MOLLAN, Grant – Spahn Ranch; male Caucasion, 20 years, DOB 12/10/48, 5-10, 125 lbs., brn hair, brn eyes, chipped tooth.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 254

S#17. HANUM, David Brian – 917 Venezia, Venice, EX 2-1960; male Caucasion, ???, blond hair, blue eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 255

S#18. ROBERTS, Julia – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 18 years, DOB 4/4/51, 5-7, 120 lbs., brn hair, blue eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 271

S#19. GLUTZ, Sadie Mae – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 21 years, DOB 5/7/48, 5-5, 120 lbs., dark brn hair, brn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 265

S#20. HEUVELHURST, Ruth Ann – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 20 years, DOB 8/1/49, 5-6, 115 lbs., light brn hair, brn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 267

S#21. BURKE, Patricia Anne – 122 Meadow Brook, Los Angeles; female Caucasion, 19 years, DOB 8/1/50, 5-3, 115 lbs., blond hair, blue eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 264

S#22. THOMPSON, Vern Edward – Transient; male Caucasion, 20 years, DOB 1/11/49, 5-6, 125 lbs., brn hair, hazel eyes, 1″ scar over right eye.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 258

S#23. JONES, Larry – Spahn Ranch; male Caucasion, 19 years, DOB 10/12/49, aka “Little Larry”, 5-7, 125 lbs., brn hair, brn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 259

S#24. JAMES, Catherine Anne – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 26 years, DOB 12/19/42, aka Cathy, 5-5, 125 lbs., blk hair, brn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 272

S#25. DRAKE, Catherine Lynn – 8503 Cedar St., St. Louis, Missouri; female Caucasion, 19 years, DOB 8/4/50, aka Katy, 5-3, 108 lbs., red hair, brn eyes.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC BOOKING #892 275

S#26. TOWNSEND, Herbert Jr. – male Caucasion, 17 years.

  • CHARGE: 487.3 PC



  1.  FRIEDMAN, John – Address Unknown; male Caucasion, 10 years, DOB 3/26/59, 4-0, 70 lbs., blond hair, blue eyes.
  2. ZADFRACK, Zozezose Glutz – Spahn Ranch; male Caucasion, 10 months, DOB 10/7/68, 2-0, 15 lbs., blond hair, blue eyes.
  3. SHAWN, Michael – Spahn Ranch; male Caucasion, 16 months, DOB unknown, 3-0, 25 lbs., blond hair, blue eyes.
  4. DECARLO, Dennis – male Caucasion, 17 months, aka Dennis Smith, 3-0, 20 lbs., blk hair, brn eyes.
  5. KASABIAN, Tanya – Spahn Ranch; female Caucasion, 18 months, 3-0, 30 lbs., blond hair, hazel eyes.


1969 Volkswagen Sedan, Tan, no license, VIN #119766041.

Registered to Dick Joyce Volkswagen Agency, 15430 Roscoe Blvd., Sepulved

Impounded at Howard Summers Towing, 7252 Deering, Canoga Park.


  1.  Volkswagen dune buggy, VIN #19976657, registered owner unknown.
  2. Harley Davidson motorcycle, Arizona Lic.#5084, registered owner unknown.
  3. 1959 Ford 4-dr, Lic.#GYY 435, VIN #B91S141622, registered owner unknown.
  4. Unknown make motorcycle, Lic.#846 371, purple, registered owner unknown.
  5. 1956 Volkswagen dune buggy, no license, VIN #1346420, registered to Butler’s Buggy Shop, 10202 Topanga Canyon, Chatsworth.
  6. 1956 Volkswagen dune buggy, VIN #1074L71, registered owner unknown.
  7. 1954 Ford Truck, Lic. #K66 095, registered to Howard Francis, 4846 W. 132nd St., Hawthorne.
  8. 1960 Volkswagen dune buggy, VIN #2833538, registered to Butler’s Buggy Shop, 10202 Topanga Canyon, Chatsworth.


1962 Ford, 2-dr, VIN #2R41L123676, registered to John or Orville Kidd, 517 1/2 Washington St., Venice.


RE: 6:00 a.m. Detail 8-16-69.

Prior to the above date and time, Sgt. Gleason, HQ DB, had received information concerning criminal activities being conducted at the above location.

On 8/12/69, Sgt. Gleason along with Malibu Detective personnel, proceeded to the District Attorney’s Office, Van Nuys, where they contacted Deputy D.A. Robert Schirn, who was presented with the facts of this case.

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