Lie: The Love and Terror Cult (Songs)

Charles Manson Music; 14 Live Song Recordings

Charles Manson was not only an infamous murderer who spent the majority of his life in prison, but he was also a fairly talented musician who was professionally recorded by record producer Phil Kaufman. The album, Lie: The Love and Terror Cult, was released on March 6, 1970 by record label Awareness Records. However, due to the notoriety of the murders, few music stores would stock the album and it sold just 300 copies of the 2,000 originally created.

Had the music been recorded and released prior to the killings, Manson could have become a hit in California’s music scene driving his life as well as many others into vastly different directions. Below are some of the songs which were recorded on what Manson said was a $7 tape recorder.

Look at Your Game, Girl

Cease To Exist


Mechanical Man

People Say I Am No Good

Home Is Where You’re Happy


I’ll Never Say Never To Always

Garbage Dump

Sick City

Big Iron Door

I Once Knew A Man

Eyes Of A Dreamer

Don’t Do Anything Illegal

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