Nancy Pitman

Nancy Pitman (aka Brenda McCann, Nancy Monfort, Brenda Sue, Laura Nancy, Karen McCartney, Penelope Miller, Brenda Brindle, Brenda Moss, Cydette Perell, Tracy Rose, Penelope R. Tracy, Brenda Marie McKay, Ice, Gold)

Nancy Pitman

Nancy Laura Pitman was born in Los Angeles, California on January 1, 1951.

Nancy Pitman grew up in an atmosphere of wealthy living and went to Malibu High School. Her mother and father were successful business people and Nancy had two young brothers. As a young teen Nancy devoted much of her time to school and surfing. Growing up surrounded by the rich and famous led her to her friendship with Deirdre Lansbury, the daughter of ‘Murder She Wrote’ star Angela Lansbury.

Sometime prior to graduating she began hanging around a couple of hippy-like surfer girls who were slightly older then her. The girls told Nancy they were staying with a Guru who professed nothing but peace and love who they adored and talked of him often. Nancy couldn’t wait to meet him. His name was Charles Manson.

Being young, naive and sporting great looks, she soon joined the family, traveling with the group to various places along the West coast quickly becoming one of Charlie’s favorites.

At the time of the Tate/Labianca murders, on August 9, 1969, Pitman was staying at Spahn Ranch with the rest of the Family, and it has been said, without any concrete proof, that she was one of a few to revisit the Cielo Drive crime scene with Manson to inspect the massacre after Tex Watson and the others returned to report what they’d done. Whether anyone went back to the Cielo Drive crime scene has never been proven. However, evidence and remarks by key Family members including Manson himself, suggests it happened. Manson admits as much in the book Manson in His Own Words. He doesn’t identify Nancy Pitman directly, rather he says he went back with a “buddy.” This could explain the eyeglasses that police recovered, as well as the pool of Tate’s blood on the porch.

Nancy was also present at both the Sheriff’s raid at Spahn Ranch on Saturday, August 16, 1969, and the Raid on Barker Ranch which took place over two days, October 10 and October 12, 1969. She was arrested with the rest of the family and is among the mug-shots taken after the raids. While in custody, Nancy always remained faithful to Manson never admitting she knew anything of the murders. A lie she contradicted in Robert Hendrickson’s 1973 documentary, Manson.

Nancy Pitman

Pitman with her trademark resting bitch face. From the 1973 documentary ‘Manson.’

After the trial and convictions of all defendants involved in the Tate/Labianca murders, Nancy drifted away much like the majority of other Family members who remained in Los Angeles after the dust settled.

She wound up joining members of the Aryan Nation which led to a 1972 double murder of a man and his wife in which she would eventually be convicted of being an accessory to the crime. She served 18 months of what was to be a five year prison term and married one of her co-conspirators while in jail. His name was Michael Lee Monfort, AKA “Red Eye” whom gave Nancy her new last name Monfort. They divorced in 1990.

Today, it is believed that Nancy Pitman is living in Hawaii. She has four grown children. For more information visit

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