Drug Burn Theory

Possible Motive for the Charles Manson Murders…

Wojciech Frykowski’s actual involvement in the drug trade still remains a mystery and continues to generate controversy among people who believe there was a connection between him and the Manson family.

Police originally suspected drugs from the very beginning of their investigation, however, the drug burn theory originated from various different sources, some of which still circulate today and suggest that Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski among some, if not all, of their guests in the house were heavily into drugs, the occult, wild sex orgies and satanic parties – especially when it comes to victim Voytek Frykowski who had reportedly been preparing to become the exclusive L.A. area distributor of a new amphetamine called MDA with the financial backing of his wealthy girlfriend Abigal Folger.

It is important to note that MDA was found in the systems of both Abigail Folger and Voytek Frykowski at the time of their autopsies. For instance, according to Los Angeles County Coroner, Dr. Thomas T. Noguchi:

Toxicological examinations of the victims showed coffee heiress Abigail Folger, 26, had 2.4 milligrams of the drug MDA in her bloodstream. Her friend, 37-year-old Polish playboy Voityck Frykowsky, had .6 milligrams of MDA in his urine.

According to various reports on Tuesday, August 5, 1969, just four days before the murders, twenty-two people joined Folger and Frykowski for some sort of satanic gathering where it was said a man was seized, stripped, and tied nude to a post. Folger and Frykowski explained that he was being punished for a $2K “dope burn” – allegedly giving poor quality drugs to Jay Sebring (another victim). The man was whipped and humiliated throughout an orgy of sex and drugs. Allegations to this effect were first aired by actor Dennis Hopper in an interview with an underground Los Angeles newspaper who stated:

‘They had fallen into sadism and masochism and bestiality—and they recorded it all on videotape, too. The L.A. police told me this. I know that three days before they were killed, twenty-five people were invited to that house to a mass whipping of a dealer from Sunset Strip who’d given them bad dope.”

” Years later, Manson Family member and convicted murderer Bobby Beausoleil told author Truman Coyote:

“They burned people on dope deals. Sharon Tate and that gang. They picked up kids on the Strip and took them home and whipped them. Made movies of it. Ask the cops; they found the movies. Not that they’d tell you the truth?.

Although initially denied by police, it was later confirmed that remnants of that night’s satanic orgy – black hoods, leather aprons, occult items, drug paraphernalia and sadomasochistic devices – were in-fact found in the loft above Sharon Tate’s living room at 10050 Cielo Drive.

According to an interview article with Ed Sanders in People Magazine titled: “Inside Sharon Tate’s Wild Sex Life with Roman Polanski: New Book Claims Director Forced Wife to Have Threesomes, Make Sex Tapes for His Friends” it was revealed and corroborated that Tate’s husband and movie director Roman Polanski was a dominating force in her life, urging her to fulfill his sexual fantasies by taking drugs and participating in affairs, orgies and home sex videos that he would later play for his friends at parties.

“Sharon told me about Roman – about imposed sexual scenes on her,” her friend, photographer Shahrokh Hatami, tells the author. “He was bringing other girls to have threesomes with Sharon, and Sharon didn’t like it that he was picking up girls on the Sunset and bringing them home to have sex with them.”

There remains many stories [or rumors] which detail events which are quite shocking and out of character for a group of Hollywood elites.

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