Manson Mugshots

Full Record of All Mugshots, Dated, of Charles Manson

Since 1947 when Charles Manson was just thirteen years old he was placed in his first juvenile minimum security institution for male delinquents. He bounced around from institution to institution, some of which wound up being maximum security until his first actual imprisonment in the Federal Correctional Institute Terminal Island in 1956. From there are on Manson was in Jail for the majority of his life thereafter with occasional shot releases which led to re-arrest, re-conviction and returns to prison. Below is a dated timeline of all Mug Shots of Charles Manson through the years and via his multiple arrests and bookings.

Manson Mugshots

The level of recidivism Charles Manson experienced landed him in boys homes and prisons a record number of times throughout his entire life.

Final Mug Shot

The final mug shot taken of Charles M Manson at the California’s Corcoran State Prison prior to his death in 2017, he was 83 years old.

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