Charles Manson’s Funeral

Manson Was Laid to Rest on March 17, 2018

Manson was laid to rest March 17, 2018. Casket photo credit TMZ.

Charles Manson was pronounced dead on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 8:13 PM at Mercy Hospital in Downtown Bakersfield, California. The actual cause of death listed on his State of California, County of Kern death certificate was acute cardiac arrest, respiratory failure and metastatic colon cancer. His residence was listed as 4001 King Avenue Corcoran, CA 93212 in Kings County, which is California’s Corcoran State Prison. The fields which would usually contain information for his birthplace, marital status, education and occupation where all marked as “unknown” on the certificate.

After a four month delay over who would be given Manson’s remains, he was finally laid to rest March 17, 2018, in a small and private funeral procession in Porterville, California. Roughly 20 people attended the funeral, including Sandra Good and Afton Burton who was briefly engaged to Manson during his final years in prison, although they eventually ended the relationship when it was assumed that Burton, known widely as “Star” was maintaining the relationship with Manson only to claim his belongings, estate and celebrity rights upon his death.

As Manson lay in a casket wearing an orange ATWA t-shirt and blazer, his face was covered heavily with makeup from his already rotting corpse due to the extensive amount of time his body was held from the point of his death to the burial. During the legal process his body was being kept on ice at the Kern County Morgue until a Judge awarded the remains to Jason Freeman, the believed to be grandson of Manson and only living relative as determined by the court. The ruling was made by Judge Alisa R. Knight of the Bakersfield Division of the Superior Court of California.

Manson’s ashes were given out to some of the attendees of the funeral so they could be scattered around a nearby creek, however, some of these ashes apparently made their way into a painting of Manson, filling his eyes in the painting, which is now on display at the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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