Charles Manson - The True Story
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Charles Manson Murders; Helter Skelter

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Charles Manson... The Infamous Manson Murders; "Helter Skelter"

Charles Manson Charles Manson, born November 12, 1934, died on November 19, 2017 (aged 83) in Bakersfield, California. He was said to be one of the "Most Notorious Convicted Murderers in American History", "America's Most Notorious Killer", "America's True Icon of Evil".

Charles Manson (pictured right) was born on November 12, 1934 and died of natural causes on November 19, 2017 at age 83. Manson was one of the "Most Notorious Convicted Murderers in American History". He was said to be "America's Most Notorious Killer" and "America's True Icon of Evil".

What is interesting in itself is despite this worldwide infamy, Manson was not physically present at either of the murder scenes in which he was convicted.

This site details the entire story and trial including testimony of Charles Manson and his followers, dubbed, "The Manson Family". The Story Was Rated "The Most Shocking Story in Entertainment History" by E Entertainment Television.

"Charles Manson is literally one of the worst human beings that ever walked this planet." - Jeff Guinn, Award-Winning Investigative Journalist.

The Manson Family at Spahn Ranch, a 500-acre movie ranch in Los Angeles County, California, which was used for filming old-Western movies and television programs.

In the months leading up to the Tate / LaBianca murders, Charles Manson often spoke to the members of his "Family" (pictured right) about Helter Skelter, an apocalyptic war arising from racial tensions between blacks and whites. This vision involved reference to music of The Beatles and to the New Testament's Book of Revelation. Manson and his followers were convicted of the murders based on the prosecution's theory that they were part of a plan to trigger the Helter Skelter scenario.

The first five murders, later to be called the "Tate" murders, occurred in a house high above the city of Los Angeles at 10050 Cielo Drive, Beverly Hills on August 9th, 1969. One victim (Steven Parent) was found in his car outside the house and he had been shot four times and stabbed once.

The Manson family's victims; those of which are known. The Tate/LaBianca murders consisted of seven victims, five at 10050 Cielo Drive, Beverly Hills, (Parent, Frykowski, Folger, Sebring, Tate) and 2 at 3301 Waverly Drive, Los Angeles (Leno and Rosemary LaBianca).

Another two victims (Abigail Folger) and (Voytek Frykowski) were found on the back lawn of the Tate estate. Coroner's reports would later indicate that Abigail had been stabbed twenty-eight times and Voytek was shot twice, struck over the head thirteen times and stabbed fifty-one times.

The remaining two bodies (Sharon Tate) and (Jay Sebring) were found inside the house tied together by a rope around their necks, which was hung over a rafter in the ceiling. Sharon, who was eight months pregnant at the time, had died from multiple stab wounds to the chest and back, totaling sixteen. Jay, who was found with Sharon, had been stabbed seven times and shot once. He died of exsanguination, which is bleeding to death and neither of the victims had actually died from hanging.

Map of the area from the Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park in California to the Los Angeles area, including where one of the murder weapons was found (Hi-Standard Double Nine Longhorn Buntline Styled .22), the Tate and Labianca residences, and the Hinman residence.

The next two victims, in what would become known as the "LaBianca" murders, were found in a home in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles on August 10th, 1969.

(Leno and Rosemary LaBianca) were found stabbed to death in their home at 3301 Waverly Drive. Leno, a grocery store owner, had been stabbed multiple times and a knife and fork were found protruding from his body. Rosemary, his wife, had been stabbed forty-one times.

Charles Manson Followers Four young Charles Manson followers kneel on the sidewalk outside the Los Angeles Hall of Justice, March 29, 1971 with their heads shaved. Left to right: Cathy Gillies, Kitty Lutesinger, Sandy Good, Brenda McCann. Wally Fong/ASSOCIATED PRESS

As to Helter Skelter having been a murder conspiracy, of which he was alleged to have been a part of, Manson said: "Is it a conspiracy that the music is telling the youth to rise up against the establishment because the establishment is rapidly destroying things? Is that a conspiracy? The music speaks to you every day, but you're too deaf, dumb, and blind to even listen. It is not my conspiracy. It is not my music. I hear what it relates. It says 'Rise,' it says 'Kill.' Why blame it on me? I didn't write the music." - Charles Manson

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONUntil the day he died, Manson professed his innocence. What most people know and believe about Manson, is near-entirely derived from Vincent Bugliosi's 600-page account of the crimes, investigation and trial, the book "Helter Skelter", which sold more than 7 million copies since 1974, more than any other true-crime book in history.

Upon his death, Michele Hanisee, president of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, issued a statement saying that Vincent Bugliosi, the deputy district attorney who prosecuted Manson, provided the most accurate summation of him: "Manson was an evil, sophisticated con-man with twisted and warped moral values."

The Opening Statement in the Trial of the Century

Helter Skelter Murders CBS 1969 Newscast:

"I have killed no one, and I have ordered no one to be killed."

Signature of Charles Manson


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