Parole Hearings

 Charles Manson Parole Hearings

Manson did not appear for his last parole hearing in 2012. He was denied parole a total of 12 times never appearing to take it seriously and likely would not have wanted to be paroled even if he was given the opportunity as he never offered practical plans for parole. A prison guard once joked with Manson saying, “Charlie, when are you going to get out of here?” Manson responded: “Get out of where?”

List of Hearing Dates

  • Thursday, November 16th, 1978 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Tuesday, November 27th, 1979 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Tuesday, November 4th, 1980 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Wednesday, November 4th, 1981 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Wednesday, December 2nd, 1982 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Tuesday, February 4th, 1986 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Wednesday, February 8th, 1989 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Tuesday, April 21st, 1992 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Thursday, March 17th, 1997 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Wednesday, April 24th, 2002 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Wednesday, May 23th, 2007 – PAROLE DENIED
  • Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 – PAROLE DENIED

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