Will You Die For Me? The Man Who Killed For Charles Manson Tells His Own Story

by Charles “Tex” Watson and Chaplain Ray

“Will you die for me?” asked Charlie Manson. Once all-American hometown boy, Charles “Tex” Watson answered “Yes” and thus became hopelessly caught in the dizzying downward spiral into the Manson family and into the brutal role of Helter-Skelter executioner. Finally, on the verge of insanity, Tex Watson found release from the drugs, the sex, the violence, and the mindlessness of his past. Here is his personal story-both of the Manson madness and of his new life in Christ.

Tex Watson (aka Charles “Tex” Watson) was once ready to die for Charles Manson. He had felt nothing but the desire to please Charlie – even if it meant murdering seven people. Will You Die For Me provides and inside view of the Manson madness through the executioner. But Watson’s story does not end there. His story goes beyond “Helter Skelter” and death to a new life in Christ. Tex Watson’s final release from his terrifying past stands as a universal source of hope, pointing the way to a new life of joy and peace.

Will You Die For Me? The Man Who Killed For Charles Manson Tells His Own Story [Amazon Ad Link]

“Tex” Watson killed for Charles Manson and, if he is to be believed, has found God in prison and is now at peace with his horrific past. This is his story. He gives great deal, from memory but it’s accurate, of the events of Helter Skelter. It’s not a fun read and, while Tex leaves much to the imagination in the name of “good taste”, it’s pretty terrifying.
I’ve often wondered what it was about Manson that could make these kids follow him the way they did. To me, Watson’s descriptions of life with Charlie answered those questions and were what made this book worth reading. I find it hard to believe they fell for Manson but, here at least, Watson offers some explanation. It’s an interesting book but it’s not a study of Helter Skelter or an attempt to justify any of that. It’s the story of a key participant and his rise, fall and ultimate salvation. Worth the read.”

S. O’Toole

“I honestly cannot be sure if Watson is remorseful or not. Given what he has done if he were truly remorseful he would be suicidal. This book gets at least three stars for setting the historical record straight on what happened to Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Steven Parent, Abigail Folger & Wojciech Frykowski as well as Rosemary & Leno LaBianca and Gary Hinman. Charles Manson, Steve Grogan and Bruce Davis were convicted of ranchhand Shorty Shea’s murder but over a dozen witnesses have gone on record to implicate Watson as one of Shea’s killers. The main reason the crime is still remembered after 40 years was it was so senseless. If Manson wanted a record deal Sharon Tate would have picked up a phone and gotten him one. If the killers wanted money she would have given them her last dime. The hero of the night was hair stylist Jay Sebring who lost his life trying to shield Sharon from Watson. It is a crime he was able to marry and father children while in prison until lobbying by Sharon Tate’s parents conjugal visits for imprisoned individuals convicted of murder were banned. Watson deserves some credit for his work inside prison BUT In the past decade Watson and his X wife Kristin have twice been investigated by the California attorney general, for committing Medi-Cal fraud to finance their children’s births and for using funds from their nonprofit organization, Abounding Love Ministries, for personal use.”

James J. Varela

Will You Die For Me? The Man Who Killed For Charles Manson Tells His Own Story [Amazon Ad Link]

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