Goodbye Helter Skelter

by George Stimson

In August of 1969 the spectacular Tate-LaBianca murders rocked Los Angeles, the country, and the world. But even more shocking than those murders was the story behind them: the story of a homicidal maniac named Charles Manson, how he turned the sons and daughters of middle-class America into a Family of murderous slaves, and an insane plan to achieve world domination by sparking a race war called Helter Skelter.

But what if it was just a story?

Here is the first realistic and reasonable examination of the Tate-LaBianca murders and the true reasons behind them. Based on years of research and exclusive information from Charles Manson and many of his former and present friends, Goodbye Helter Skelter presents the conclusions of a long-time Manson associate — conclusions that will likely change what you think about Charles Manson, his so-called Family, and some of the most infamous murders in the history of American crime.

Goodbye Helter Skelter includes material taken from hundreds of hours of tape-recorded conversations with Charles Manson. Never before has Manson’s point of view been presented in such a complete and coherent format.

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Reader Comments:

“I first questioned the “official” version of the Tate-LaBianca murders when I heard Manson’s amazing music. The official story said that Manson was a mediocre musician/songwriter. I thought if they lied about his music, why not about other things? Stimson asks only that the reader start with an open mind, and I was able to do that because of the music and a few other things I’d read. Using logical arguments based on objective evidence, Stimson shows that it’s quite possible Manson was wrongfully convicted of murder. Although the main focus of the book is Charles Manson, the author includes a summary of US culture in the 1960’s. Without looking at the culture as a whole, one cannot hope to understand Charles Manson and his friends. I’m grateful to Stimson for writing and publishing this book and recommend it to anyone interested in the 1960’s.”

Barbara Lamar

“I’ve read most of the well known books on Manson and the Family. This one deserves its place as probably the most sober-minded examination of entire episode. Stimson, although clearly sympathetic to Manson and even a little biased due to their friendship, is an excellent writer who deconstructs the events and tells the story from each player’s perspective using quotes from parole hearings, the trial, and their own autobiographical accounts. He does a surprisingly good job at putting forward the “brother” motive and finally putting to rest the “helter skelter” motive the prosecution used to convict Manson, et al. Highly recommended for fans of true crime and, especially, Mansonology. This book is for the Manson case what Philip Sugden’s Complete Jack the Ripper was for the that case. Or, at least as close as we will probably ever get to shedding the hoodoo boogeyman image of Manson in favor of evidence.”

Robin Bailey

Goodbye Helter Skelter [Amazon Ad Link]

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