Charles Manson Now

by Marlin Marynick

Charles Manson Now is a critical dissection of what happened over fifty years ago when Manson family members stormed the Polanski estate near Los Angeles and murdered five people, including one of America’s most beautiful, beloved actresses, Sharon Tate. This book is also a collage of Charles Manson’s own writing, a poetic, ironic, and disturbing account of his universe, from his childhood to his time in the 8 x 12 prison cell where he was condemned to stay forever. It is Charles Manson, uncensored, unedited, in his own words. When author Marlin Marynick was eight years old, he discovered a beat up copy of Helter Skelter – the bestselling true crime book of all time written by Vincent Bugliosi, the lead prosecutor at Charles Manson’s trial. Bugliosi’s portrait of Charles Manson as an icon of unbridled evil haunted Marynick for years, well into his career as a psychiatric nurse and ultimately culminated when he met Manson behind the tightly locked doors of California’s Corcoran State Prison. In Charles Manson Now, Marynick challenges the official version of events.

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Reader Comments:

“Marynick’s book is a great read. I appreciated his relationship with Charlie, his brilliance, it’s an easy read.  It also “debugs” that damn “Bug” [version]. Good book.  Cool guy. I trust the writings of those who knew Charlie in person.”

Edith, from Facebook

“Marlin’s soulful search for meaning takes many twists and turns and the reader gets to go along for the fascinating ride”

Diane Dimond, Journalist, Special Correspondent for Entertainment Tonight

“The psychology student in me says ‘riveting’, the victim in me feels ‘compassion’. Marynick, a victim himself of a horrific tragedy, takes grieving to a whole new level; he went on a journey into the sickest mind we know of and found solace.”

Kim Goldman, Victim Advocate/Co-Author of If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer by The Goldman Family–a New York Times Bestseller

“Not a great read yet defintally not one to be avoided. It comes with several pages of Charlie’s art n isn’t a pro or con look on the wizard. If you come across a cheap, used copy it’s definitely worth snatching up ATWA”

KeegAtwa Irvine, Facebook user

“For me it was a good read. And Marlin seems like such a sweet and caring person. I like looking at the facets of Charlie that I was not familiar with. And I respect the authors that met Charlie in person.”

Edith, from Facebook

Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders and millions of other books are available for Amazon

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