Fifty-five years after the Cielo Drive murders, a writer with a tenuous grip on reality investigates when she sees troubling signs of the Manson Family’s resurgence, determining certain surviving members who got away with their crimes are being targeted and killed in similar fashion to the Tate/LaBianca murders of 1969.


The brutal murder of former Manson Family member Sally Giddes on August 2nd, 2024 triggers a series of unsettling events snd causes Professor Carrie West, whose troubled obsession with Tate/LaBianca formed the basis of her self-published book, to dive back down the rabbit hole. The victims, surviving members who escaped justice for their past crimes, now face a new wave of fear and violence reminiscent of the infamous killings in 1969. Carrie’s synesthetic visions intensify, deepening her connection to back then and revealing a resurgence rooted in the fabricated ideology of Helter Skelter—a vision of violent societal upheaval.
With her devoted student, Will, Carrie seeks to identify the killers and prevent further bloodshed. As she gets closer, Carrie confronts her own inner demons and vulnerabilities, while tracking a disillusioned former Manson follower intent on realizing his own interpretation of the apocalyptic vision.

Captivating readers with its blend of psychological suspense and historical intrigue, the novel navigates the blurred boundaries between past and present, innocence and evil. “Rise” delves into the complexities of cult psychology and the human capacity for both darkness and redemption, offering a gripping and thought-provoking narrative.


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