Charles Manson - The True Story
Cast of Characters: Abigail Folger   Bobby Beausoleil   Bruce Davis   Charles Manson   Danny Decarlo   Dennis Wilson   Gary Hinman   Jay Sebring   Judge Older   The Labianca's   Leslie VanHouten   Linda Kasabian   Mary Brunner   Patricia Krenwinkel   Paul Watkins   Roman Polanski   Sandra Good   Sharon Tate   Shorty Shea   Steve Grogan   Steven Parent   Susan Atkins   Terry Melcher   Tex Watson   Virginia Graham   Vincent Bugliosi   William Garretson   Wojciech Frykowski  
Charles Manson Murders; Helter Skelter

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Charles Manson Documentary - Face of Evil: The Manson Murders

CNN revisits the vicious, horrific killings by Charles Manson's followers, 45 years later. CNN Special Report - Face of Evil: The Charles Manson Murders.

For whatever reason this documentary doesn't mention the involvement of Tex Watson. The documentary features Alisa Statman, Jeff Guinn, family member Barbara Hoyt, news reporter Mary Neiswender, juror Bill Zamora, Vincent Bugliosi, and sketch artist Bill Robles who was there for the entire trial.

"Charles Manson is literally one of the worst human beings that ever walked this planet." - Jeff Guinn, Award-Winning Investigative Journalist; Author, Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson


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