Raymond Petrizzo

Raymond Petrizzo (aka unknown)

Raymond Petrizzo

Raymond Petrizzo is an associate of the Manson Family. Extremely little is known about Ray Petrizzo.

Raymond Petrizzo, likely not his real name, is an associate of the Manson Family. His mugshot appears in a list of mugshots which has been associated with Manson Family members who were arrested, mostly in ranch raids, however, extremely little is known about Raymond Petrizzo. In fact, his name does not even appear on a well referenced police list of known associates.

Outside of his mugshot there is no other information available.

The name appears in hundreds of references to the mugshots list with no references of who he actually was, a date of birth, or what he may have had to do with the Manson Family.

Where the Family member Ray Petrizzo is now and whether or not he is even still alive is unknown.

If you have additional information on Raymond Petrizzo, please let us know about it.

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